Therapy Mattress


We offer a 99 day free trial for your peace of mind but please also read our returns and exchanges page for our policies


This warranty does not give you the right to get a refund. The warranty only covers replacements, repairs and upgrades for successful warranty claims.

Who operates this warranty and where should you send the mattress and other items you have to provide to claim on the warranty?

The warranty is operated by: Vogue Beds Limited, Kingsfield House,

Arthur Street, Barwell, Leicestershire, LE9 8GZ

Tel: 01455 841257; Fax: 01455 841259

Please contact our Customer Service

We have the right to send an independent third-party mattress inspection company, if we are unable to see the mattress fault clearly from the images provided. These technicians are fully trained and qualified to test for any manufacturing faults that are covered under your 5-year warranty. They will complete a careful inspection of your mattress and produce a full report to advise us on the best solution for you. The report would provide the final decision on your case. Our customer service team will arrange the collection for the customer at a location of the customer’s choice in the country to which the original order was delivered. 


Condition of product for return

Please make sure all goods are inspected for soiling, before agreeing to return/exchange, as this is a health and safety hazard and will invalidate your warranty regardless.

Vogue Beds will not accept the return of any products which are dirty, soiled or stained.

Please wrap or bag products for return to prevent the possibility of damage during transit. Vogue’s vehicles all have a small stock of polythene bags, please ask the driver if you need one.

Vogues drivers will mark the collection paper work if any products are not in the best condition.

The retailer has a responsibility to keep any returned items in good condition and to avoid all possibility of damage whilst in their possession.

Vogue cannot accept the return of any product damaged during transit from vogue to your premises unless customer service is notified in writing within seven days of the delivery.

Therapy Mattress