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The Therapy mattresses are part of the Vogue Beds Group established in 1990.

Therapy mattresses were launched in 2012 to coincide with the Olympics to highlight a mattress made specifically for active lifestyle to the health conscious, for increasing recovery after exercise or surgery or for purely enjoying sleep by creating a highly comfortable, supportive mattress.

Therapy Mattresses are the leading manufacturer of specialist mattresses for sports men and women, and those who lead active lives in the United Kingdom.

We make 3 types of mattresses – Active Therapy – a mattress equipped to handle the pressures of a modern an active lifestyle for the younger generation, Sports Therapy – Performance mattress designed for anyone with an active lifestyle & Medi Therapy mattress – Comfort, support and recovery mattress designed for the health conscious.

We fully understand that a great night’s sleep makes all the difference to the mental and physical health and wellbeing of those who lead active live. We offer an exclusive all-new range of mattresses that has been specially designed for those who lead very active lifestyles or require a mattress to aid recovery, for health conscious to a Sports Professional.

Once you have out in a long day of training, then your body needs to have the ultimate rest and recuperation offered by our mattresses. Sound sleep and rest plays an essential part in the body’s recovery process. By having deep, therapeutic sleep you can ensure that your body is relaxed and refreshed in the morning. This will help to give you the energy boost you need to start the next active day of training or exercise.

These are premium quality mattresses designed especially for active people or to aid recovery after surgery. These mattresses have been designed for everyone who needs a high quality mattress, to help your body recover when you sleep. We believe that you will find that our mattresses are ideal for you and that you will instantly feel the benefits of a rejuvenating sleep.

The collection of Therapy mattresses will help you say farewell to restless night’s sleep and will help your stiff, aching, tired muscles recover. You can wake up feeling invigorated and ready to perform at your very best each day.

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Therapy Mattress